miercuri, 2 aprilie 2008

Azerbaijan: Elnur si Samir vor canta "Day after day" si in Romania

Reprezentantii Azerbaijanului la Eurovision Song Contest 2008, Elnur Huseynov si Samir Javadzade, vor vizita Romania dupa data de 12 aprilie.

Dupa ce au fost invitati la finala Greciei, Elnur si Samir isi continua turneul de promovare a piesei "Day after day" in mai multe tari participante la Eurovision.

Seful delegatiei Azerbaijanului, Adil Karimli, a declarat pentru Azeri Press Agentliyi ca incepand cu data de 3 aprilie Elnur si Samir se vor afla in Georgia pana pe 5 aprilie.

Incepand cu data de 12 aprilie cei doi cantareti din Azerbaijan vor vizita in tuneul de promovare a piesei "Day after day" Malta, Romania, Andorra, Moldova si Slovenia.

Azerbaijan isi face debutul anul acesta la Eurovision Song Contest iar pentru piesa cu care vor participa, Elnur si Samir au filmat un videoclip special in care se confrunta ingeri si demoni.

Day after day - promo video

For peace we pray
Save us from all fears
Oh Lord! Save us!

You can feel me in your mind
With every breath you take
Burn the earth by flame of sins
I`ll make you feel dismay

Our feelings play with us
But you must keep yourself under control
If you`re searching for resolves
Be ready for the tolls

Show us the right way
Day after day
All fears we must forget
Then better world we`ll get

If you have the greatest aim
Keep it in your soul
I`ll be always by your side
Always in your heart

Our dreams can play with us
Even if we think that we keep control
From all horrors in the world
Salvation is love!

The earth in flame
And you must share the blame

Look inside yourself
We both are there
Day after day....

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